Alenfra productions is specialized in making photos and videos mostly for promotion and presentation for smaller and bigger companies, their services and products.
Creative and professional team ensures that we produce high value content which helps you reach your goals in sales, brand recognition, presenting you company, documenting and promoting your events, etc.
What do we do better than others?
We are adaptable with a lot of knowledge and know how to produce high quality footage (photos or video) even in difficult conditions and with little time. We are here for you when others turn you down.
We are honest about possibilities, what can be achieved and how to get the best "bang for your buck". If you contact us for something that we have little or no experience with and we know someone else who can do it better than us, we will tell you.
We are willing to go the extra mile. If we have to risk our gear and there is possibility for great shot, we will take a risk. If there is little to no time we won't sleep to get things done. If we have to lie in the mud or climb on the tree, we will. We are willing to do almost everything as long our lives are not on the line.
We have advanced (technical) knowledge about the gear and softwares we use. Knowing how light converts to digital signal and becomes 0s and 1s and how different settings and tools in softwares affect the data is important for achieving desired look with keeping high quality level.
To achieve that we use advanced post productions techniques and the newest versions of softwares such as Lightroom, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve and others. In summer 2019 we also started learning Blender 2.8 for implementing CGI and VFX in our future projects.
We save your whole project and have a backup for you. We save all our footage and project files on 2 separate backup drives at least for 2 years. So if you need different edits of photos, another video, maybe new video with some older clips, or if you somehow lose your files - we got you covered.
We give you all material copyrights for the finished products, so there is no additional charge if you are (re)using your content for different purposes. You also receive a contract about copyrights transfer.





About Alen, the founder of Alenfra Productions:
Alen Franetič is experienced photographer, videographer and editor.
He started as an amateur photographer at the age of 20. He was gaining knowledge fast and soon realized that this could be his dream job oneday. Next year at 21 he went to higher vocational college for photography and also got his first part time / student job at Kreativna agencija Oi! (Creative agency Oi!). At the begining he worked as an assistant of photographer and videographer Uroš Rojc and later also as  a photographer, filmer, photo editor, video editor, colorist. Since then he also worked with several other production companies and teams, got his own jobs and founded his own company "Profesionalne foto in video storitve, Alen Franetič s.p." with brand name "Alenfra Productions".
Now his business is growing. Company is getting more and more satisfied clients that are returning because of high quality of his work, adaptable approach to projects and professional team.


  • Interior, exterior, real estate, products, landscape, urban, sports, motorsports, reportage, events, portraits, documentary, commercial,...

  • Independent photographer, assistant,...


  • Promotional videos, interviews, documentary,...

  • Slideshows, animations,....

  • Cameraman, 2nd camera operator, assistant,...

Photo post production

  • Basic editing, photo manipulations, portrait retouching, retouching of old photographs...

  • Advance knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Editor, retoucher, artist, photo manipulator,...

Video post production

  • Editing, color correction, color grading, sound design, photo slideshows, text animations,...

  • Advance knowledge of Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro

  • Editor, colorist,...


3D modeling & animations

  • In summer 2019 we started learning Blender 2.8 for creating computer generated images, 3D models, animations, visual effects, etc.

  • For simple projects the service is already available


Consulting about visual communications

Location scouting

Assisting on photo and video sets

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